Website Design

for Your Law Firm.

Regardless your law firm is large, medium, small or sole proprietor, you undoubtedly require a dedicated website to portray and enhance your legal professionalism image. Before a new client is convinced and appointing you to represent him in contentious or non-contentious matters, the client’s perception ultimately matters.

What governing the client’s perception is a complex mental processing, and a professional display of your law firm website is definitely counted and could perceptually be influential.

We offer two classes of website design; one is Elite, another is Elegance. Price is varying subject to the class and other options. Please contact our manager, Carrie Ooi, at for discussion and RFQ.

Expert Witness

An opinion of an expert is construed as an evidence.

Having dispute in connection with software contract, tort or intellectual property? Or being appointed as an advocate to represent your client in software dispute? You could consider engaging our founder, Lim Teik Han, as an Expert Witness in litigation and/or arbitration proceedings.

Section 45 of Evidence Act 1950 of Malaysia provides that:

45. (1) When the court has to form an opinion upon a point of foreign law or of science or art, or as to identity or genuineness of handwriting or finger impressions, the opinions upon that point of persons specially skilled in that foreign law, science or art, or in questions as to identity or genuineness of handwriting or finger impressions, are relevant facts.

(2) Such persons are called experts.

Rarely a judge and arbitrator can well master the essential nature of software technology, needless to say if and when the disputing subject matter falls at a specific area of software development life cycle. To enhance justice is better served, disputants can consider to engage an Expert Witness to prepare witness statement as well as be testified in the hearing stage.

An Expert Witness must consistently uphold impartiality regardless the paying party. He must just be telling the truth and/or opinion pursuant to his absolute conscience and professional judgment.

Please contact our manager, Carrie Ooi, at for discussion.

eDiscovery & Digital Forensics

This service will be available in the future.

Coming Soon !